Set up a private bank ( Orient Bank Ltd. ) in Kampala, Uganda, as per Bank of Uganda Act. in 1991. The assignment included designing of all vouchers and securities, installing Accounting and MIS System, Staff recruitment and preparation of Bank Manual.

Appointed by Gujarat Agro Industrial Corporation Ltd. to carry out the himalayan task of reconstruction and re-creating all accounting records for 1991-92 and 1992-93. The said records along with all supporting, evidences, books of accounts, vouchers, etc. were totally burnt to ashes due to unfortunate event of fire on 7th December, 1992. Company turnover in 1991-92 was Rs. 1.250 million.

Appointed to investigate into affairs of a Government Body as well as private organization to verify irregularities in
financial dealings and accounting, embezzlement, fraud and procedural lapses.